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Intertrochanteric Fractures - Klippel Feil Syndrome


  • congenital failure of segmentation of cervical vertebrae
  • result in multiple fused cervical segments
    • fusion of 2 vertebrae to involvement of entire C-spine
    • fusion of C-2 & C-3 most common
    • may have instability

Clinical triad

  • low posterior hairline
  • short neck
  • limited neck motion (esp. lateral side bending)

Associated Conditions

  • scoliosis
    • seen in 60%
    • majority require treatment
  • Sprengel deformity
  • renal dx.
  • congenital heart dx
  • brain stem abnormalities

Diff dg.

  • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  • other congenital C-spine abN


  • assess for instability
  • fusion if unstable